Spiritual Suicide

Without interference from others, if we are NOT free to create the natural images of our real-life, then there is nothing there of our real life to be experienced and thus we are really dead. We are really practising being living dead.

If we do not really wake up by creating the real images of our real lives then we remain eternally asleep when our “physical bodies pass away”.

There is NOTHING really there to wake up to.


To all the Intel networks and to all those who have sold out to Freemasonry/Satanism, is this what you are about?

Is this what you live for?

Is this what you stand for?

Is this what you are determined to see happen to all of us?

What we are REALLY doing with the Love For Life work is inspiring men, women and children to walk back down the yellow brick road in the opposite direction heading towards the Freemasonic/Satanic looking glass that we must ALL pass through if we ever want to remember who we really are and what we are really part of. Our conscience/consciousness/senses/sense will lead us out front and we will start to see/sense everything going on all-around us and elsewhere with real eyes. This is how we really wake up.

If we don’t really wake up and create our real dreams then we have REALLY committed spiritual suicide and there is nothing to move on with. All the New Age mumbo jumbo and intellectualisation (non-sense) going on out there is misguiding us all.

If we can’t SENSE who we really are, there is nothing to SENSE.

If all we know is NON-SENSE then the fat lady has already sung and our lives are finished forevermore.

We are eternal, present sense consciousness until we are brainwashed in “The System” and now we only have one shot at it.

While we continue to support “The System”, we continue to be murderers and assassins, killing our lives, the lives of our families and all of MAN and all life forms across Earth.

Is this what we want?

To all Intel operatives who are working to promote system agendas, your hands are stained with the blood of all MAN who were put to sleep.

Do you not have consciences?
Do you not feel any shame?

Do you imagine that you will somehow be able to avoid the consequences of all this?

Is the fear of your fellow members in the Brotherhoods turning against you greater than the fear of being responsible for the death of MAN?

Get out with the rest of us and help clean up the mess before it is too late. You have very little waking life (“time”) left.

The Grand Architect, the master “mind” behind the creation of Freemasonry/Satanism and The System” with all its occults, esoterics, etc, planned to cause everyone on all sides to commit spiritual suicide and this includes you. There are no winners here. On all sides, we have all been deceived.

The end result for choosing duality is DEATH.

Yin And Yang is also about eternal death and eternal life.

Arthur Cristian


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