Darkness Visible

-To us, MANS unique original thought is created out of the inspiration coming from the sensations of direct experience with nature, its intention being to create a living dream in present-sense that is filled/embodied with the living consciousness of MAN and set free as a sensory-living-life-form (gift of life) to add to and expand the living dream of MAN’S life, of MAN’S creation.

The thought is the weaving of a conscious living dream created out of the conscious living dream of life, all of this being non-lineal.

The heart is meant to create the thought – “the heart rules the head” and not the other way around.

It all went wrong when MAN started projecting thoughts into another MAN with the intention of getting this other MAN to create the original intender’s thought/dream.

As this alien thought/dream was not created from the soul/consciousness/heart of the MAN being attacked/deceived/conned/tempted, it always remains as a thought with no sensory-life-form embodied in it and thus the “victim” becomes the embodied-host of this alien thought, that’s until the victim no longer gives life to (thinks about) that thought and completely ignores it so that it fades away to nothing – it’s nothing because there is no sensory life-form existing in that thought; it has no consciousness.

-Truth is something we can experience with our senses in nature. The lies are something made from twisted, distorted, processed nature and used for unnatural purposes, for the ideas of the beast that we have to perform with them. If it is true, it has a natural purpose and doesn’t need us to perform for it. This is the terrible destruction of the intellect because there is no consciousness in the intellect as can be seen by what we have done to Earth with the brilliance of our thoughts untamed by our hearts. It requires great harm to be done to nature to fuel the fires of the intellects full of ideas that have no life, no living (live in) consciousness.

-Their job is to maintain the chaos and confusion of doubt and uncertainty that have us need the Freemasons to provide us with their order to their chaos to fill the void of our doubt and uncertainty. How clever they are.

-The reason earth-wide chaos and destruction is happening is to force all of MAN across Earth to their knees begging for mercy, to have everyone screaming out for a permanent remedy to all this engineered (self-fulfilling) chaos. Enter the Freemasonic Grand Plan for a 1000 years Golden Rein of Je-Zeus. The New World Order (one world system/government/etc) entering is not the current Freemasonic, “Bad Guys”, chaos and destruction spreading everywhere. The New World Order is the remedy to this planned chaos brought in by all the Freemasonic “Good Guys”.

-To us, words such as God, consciousness, free will and MAN imply FULL responsibility for everything we think, feel and do. But we have been trained to be less than MAN, to not take full responsibility for the magnificence of the living creator that is in all of us to give it up for a fake, diluted, distorted, corrupted copy.

-To us, words such as God, consciousness, free will and MAN imply FULL responsibility for everything we think, feel and do. But we have been trained to be less than MAN, to not take full responsibility for the magnificence of the living creator that is in all of us to give it up for a fake, diluted, distorted, corrupted copy.

-The magnificence of life embodied in pure, sincere, uncorrupted air, water, soil, plants, rivers, mountains, creatures, etc, is the life of living creator being present to us as MAN because we are that life. Without that life we are as nothing and we are getting to the point where there will be nothing of the dream of life remaining because we have given up everything of who we really are to the point where there is almost nothing natural to remind us of who we all really are.

-We need to change how we are dreaming now and start climbing back. We have free will. We are not infallible. We have the gift of life to commit spiritual suicide or to co-create and expand MAN’S dream of life.

-We create the images we believe in the water and the more we believe them, the more we give power to them, just as our ancestors created images of illumination that they had been brainwashed into believing. The same applies to all the alien visitations, demonic attacks, voices from “other realms”, etc. It is our belief in these things that set them into motion, supporting our beliefs so that we no longer question them. Again, we think that all this phenomena is the result of something else, somewhere else; we forget that we are the common denominator, we are the ones thinking and feeling the images, setting them into motion. WE/MAN ARE CREATING EVERYTHING EFFECTING US.

-The religious images of the Virgin Mary, etc, still resonate and because so many of us are feeling and thinking these illuminated images, we continue to set them into motion in the water. The gradualism of the disintegration of
our true heritage means that we no longer remember our power of creation, leaving us open to being tricked into creating the images of others.

-We have given up the magnificence of who we really are for the fake magnificence of lies, power and control in “The System” to fill the void.

-Freemasons craft illuminated images and con everyone into the practise of setting these non-sense images into motion, rather than the unique, original dreams of each of us. In every church, men and women are putting their life energy into these Freemasonic images, giving them immense power. The hopes and dreams they have for their lives become filled by their love for Jesus, or Mohammed and these are the stories they cling to to fill the void of their doubt and uncertainty. All of us who have been got at through education are lost under the “name”, the void, of that doubt and uncertainty, even as we dream for better lives for all of us from our corrupted state.

-Because all of MAN is coming from deeply compromised situations thanks to illumination, they all have dreams of healing, of paradise, of truth to fill the void of their doubt and uncertainty in them, in everyone around them and in nature. It is easy for the Freemasons to manipulate these dreams so that everyone can experience these dreams under a controlled environment, whether they are saved or not, healed or not, rewarded or not, while under the “name”, the Freemasonic commercial of the church, the government, the law, etc, that rules them.There are 1001 of these controlled opposition (as above, so below, duality) tactics used to keep everyone defaulting back to “The System” where the Freemasons have all their power and control over everyone stupid enough to continue performing the animation of their commercials.

-Another aspect of this AS ABOVE, SO BELOW duality is their HIS-STORY which teaches us the “background” of the belief systems we have fallen for, our “journey” from prehistoric, savage near-beasts to supposedly enlightened men and women at the peak of civilisation, spiritually “aware” and politically correct as we destroy MAN-Earth in spiritually “aware” and politically correct ways.

-By believing we’re on journeys through “The System”, we allow these nut-cases to rule over us here and now. Journeys of watching the outcomes of a favoured football team or journeys to overcome debt, credit and mortgages, journeys through careers to retirement plans and comfortable pensioner lives, journeys to put a roof over our head, feed the family and put our children on the long, winding and often intimidating conveyor belt through “Factory Planet Earth” education, journeys through science and the “progress of man’s civilisation (“The System”), or journeys to the after-life sitting by the side of a favoured god or saviour, etc, all of which have us be slaves in the “mean”-time. As you wonder down the many isles of the Freemasonic/Satanic Supermarket, there are thousands of “system journeys” available on their stacked shelves for the duped to purchase, animate, advertise and commercialise.

-Also illumined knowledge that will make us more “spiritually aware and enlightened” on our pre-determined and important cosmic journey, of our choice, from the “dark” to the “light” so we can advance through their inter-galactic, fantastic, inter-dimensional, multi-universe of “light”, “ONENESS” and “Quantum Physics”. All this is more illumination, leading us all back to a fake remembering of “who created us”, “who we really are”, “where we came from”, etc, etc. While busy and distracted setting into motion whatever item (image) we purchase from their black-magic supermarket, we’re being ruled by them here and now. We have all given up taking full-responsibility for who we really, what we are really part of and our true life purpose.

-The magnificence of life embodied in pure, sincere, uncorrupted air, water, soil, plants, rivers, mountains, creatures, etc, is the life of living creator being present to us as MAN because we are that life. Without that life we are as nothing and we are getting to the point where there will be nothing of the dream of life remaining because we have given up everything of who we really are to the point where there is almost nothing natural to remind us of who we all really are.

-To us, the devil re-presents the opposite of unconditional love, truth, etc. The devil’s tail (the work of the devil) symbolises the reverse (twisting around) of consciousness, reality, truth, health, light, freedom, peace, joy, abundance, nature, sexuality, history, etc, etc…

-The reason earth-wide chaos and destruction is happening is to force all of MAN across Earth to their knees begging for mercy, to have everyone screaming out for a permanent remedy to all this engineered (self-fulfilling) chaos. Enter the Freemasonic Grand Plan for a 1000 years Golden Rein of Je-Zeus. The New World Order (one world system/government/etc) entering is not the current Freemasonic, “Bad Guys”, chaos and destruction spreading everywhere. The New World Order is the remedy to this planned chaos brought in by all the Freemasonic “Good Guys”.

-Belief, faith and associated opinion form the black-magic possession over a victim, that being the basis of everything explained in “The System”, showing up as the Freemasonic illumination of religion, banking/commerce/money, governments, laws and fake lifestyles, values, standings, titles, status’s and other man-made systems derived from education and all university courses and careers.

-The Freemasonic illumination manipulates us into giving up taking full responsibility for our lives here and now, in present sense to be lost to past and future sense (tense), which is the intention of the psyop programming, as we then are easily convinced to allow the Freemasonic orders to organise our lives for us through their systems with all their rituals, rules, regulations, procedures, conditions, contracts, titles, standings and status, happily locked into animating their commercial. Under this manipulation, we operate under limited responsibility, limited liability because we have given over our power to the psyop program to rule us, allowing it to have a huge effect on our lives.

-Freemasons illuminate this non-sense that is all in 3rd party, not in 1st party, because they want us to believe that we/MAN are all on a journey heading from somewhere to somewhere else and that life on earth is ONLY temporary and transitory. There are many different types of journeys to “buy into” (commercialise), all of which are lies. By offering us such a huge range of journeys to animate – distractions – those waking up to the deception are nearly always led down another garden path of more system illumined knowledge.

-The affects of illumination are designed to have us believe that we/MAN are tiny aspects of a universe at the effect of greater forces than us, be it the rotation and/or haphazard movements of planets, asteroids, comets, etc, the sun, the effect of planets through Astrology or Astro-Theology, a fantasy time code setting the foundations for Numerology, or that we are at the effect of an all powerful remote God or higher beings or alien forces, etc. These illumined fantasies come in a 1001 ways.

-The Freemasons know that the moment they teach a child, they create doubt and uncertainty in their dreaming/thinking because they are telling the children that they are not good enough to work it all out in their unique, original ways. They know that this is the beginning of creating trauma that becomes the void that the traumatised use to create their fake lives out of, becoming hue-MANS rather than MAN, under the power and control of illuminated demons for the rest of their lives, unless they really wake up and remember who they really are.

The Freemasonic orders, sects, lodges, fraternities, brother/sisterhoods, societies, etc, behind “The System” spend their whole lives devising attacks and distractions maintaining the void of doubt and uncertainty so that we do not wake up. Hence, “We Will Lead Every Revolution Against Us” where all the Intel operatives give us illuminated alternative after illuminated alternative to direct our life energy into, so that we never wake up from fake lives, fake consciousness, fake values, etc, and live happily as herds of hue-MAN sheep being herded by illuminated, Freemasonic shepherds/light bearers.

All of the fake, void-filling distractions are about exclusivity and privilege, about “my” relationship with Jesus, “my” salvation, “my” church, “my” Galactic Federation check point, “my” one-life-only. From this, we move on to “my” money, “my” land, “my” career, “my” title, “my” freedom, “my truth”, “my consciousness”, “my” sovereignty, “my” patriotism, “my” country.

-To keep people in “The System”, the Freemasonic world has to have the “Good Guys” who we come to rely on as they tell us how to think and feel and provide us with the remedies to our problems, as well as having the “Bad Guys” who we fear and seek protection from. This is how they perpetuate chaos. A naked MAN, in nature, is being tended to by a Knights Templar = “The System”. George Washington is part of the Freemasonic force that invaded America and decimated the tribes, taking over all the land and destroying the culture of the Native Americans.

-For them to keep us from remembering who we really are, what we are really part of, and separated from the information of sense, of the dream of life, instead living almost all of our lives out of the information of “The System” that is non-sense, they have to ensure that our thinking is constantly occupied with their images that have nothing to do with the information of our senses and everything to do with the educated explanation of “The System”.

-If we contemplate on our thinking and on our sentence structures (thought processes), we can notice how much third party NON-SENSE we are peddling every moment of our “system” lives. Almost every thought we think, if not ALL of our thoughts, is non-sense. How can we use non-sense to make sense of truth, reality, life, consciousness, etc?
For example, the thought of consciousness is just that. There is no consciousness existing to be sensed in the thought of consciousness.
The Freemasonic/Satanic world worships the intellect that is the non-sense world of thought. Enter all occults, esoterics, man-made mysteries, etc; there is no living consciousness in any of them, nothing to be sensed and nothing that sets us free from “The System”.

-The thought of God Is NOT God, it’s just an idea about a God originally made up by Freemasons telling (brainwashing) slaves how to think, feel and act about a God, their “G”od in their Kingdom Of Heaven = “The System”.

-“The System” is like a web, an inter connected world. Every man, woman and child brought up in the system will have dreams for his life connected to “The System” so it is inevitable that we draw to us those with common dreams, with things that we need, people that we meet who help us along the way and it all seems like synchronicity. Even though we have been got at, we are still creators; it is just that we now create with system dreaming rather than with the dream of life. It is like a group of toddlers in the play park all playing with the toys provided and interacting in different ways but all fenced into the play park, and all amazed that they are playing with the same toys. Wow, what a coincidence!

-In “The System”, there is no opportunity for us to have unique, original, direct experiences with all of life. Everything is laid out on the table for us, a buffet of system information that we all eat and form our lives from. We create within the system dreams that we have been taught to dream, a schematic blueprint accumulated into our brains over our years of system education. None of it comes from direct experience with nature.

-We are not “beings”. A MAN becomes a being by the brainwashing that MAN falls into. MAN is the creator, the only ones who can set thoughts and pictures into motion and create them. The beings are extensions of “The System”, the slaves of reflection and synchronicity. They are not MAN. MAN is the creator, a first party who can come forward, but MAN has been hijacked to create the intentions of others which we do when we create system lives through the courses, careers, status and standings of “The System” using man-made, unnatural languages that are of “The System” and designed to keep us in “The System”. Refer to other articles for more on man-made languages. Our true language is our senses, not third party non-sense.

-Everyone is living creator when we know who we are but the sacredness of who we are, unique and original, has been lost and we are no longer the true essence of God/creator/responsibility. We are fallen MAN, brought up on system non-sense and almost completely disconnected from true consciousness.

-TEAL says that truth is a matter of interpretation, translation and perspective. TEAL brings us back to the common New Age construct of truth as being variable, subjective and inconsistent, teaching us that we cannot trust each other because what is true for one man or woman is not true for another. We are all prophets but we are all each other’s false prophets. Everyone’s interpretation of “The System” is not yours and your interpretation of “The System” is not theirs. This makes us in-divide-u-alls, too busy worrying about our belief systems to realise that we are all slaves to “The System” and to start doing something about it.

-And how can our beliefs be “true” if we have been educated about what to think and feel? If we do not wake up to our system brainwashing, we can only ever be thinking and feeling partial truths. Real truth happens when the child creates unique original dreams in nature without interference by other men and women telling him/her how to think and feel. There is nothing of nature that needs to be explained to us because we can just be exposed to it so that we can have a direct experience with it.

-So long as we are living do no harm lives, we are free to think as we experience, to share our thoughts and dreams but not to impose them on others. Our perspective is unique to each of us but not compared to each other’s perspective and, as we have not been brainwashed, all our perspectives are based on the truth of consciousness that is available to conscious MAN always. This is the system of nature. It is not an artificial system imposed over nature, a system with man-made laws, government, etc.

-She says, “..your job is to find and know your own truth. To own your own truth”; how can we do this when we have been educated into a language that defines everything about our lives using constructs that have been designed for us through words that we are given dictionaries full of so that we can use them “correctly” according to system definitions that describe system thoughts and feelings for us to construct our system lives out of? This is the basis of our doubt and uncertainty.

-We are “searching for truth”. If we are not interfered with, there is nothing to search for because we already are consciousness and already have access to all of consciousness. It is only because we have been hijacked and smashed that we sense that things aren’t right and go on a journey looking for what we lost as a child. As we keep searching in “The System”, we never find what we are looking for, hence the void we have written about. We will never get to truth using system constructs.

-We are told to look for what others have to offer us, rather than looking for what we can do for others. There is nothing about sharing, helping, working together to stop the harm that we are all responsible for. This is what the New Age is all about. What’s in it for me covered up by a false veneer of fake love and consciousness. Self-centredness continues and with it the annihilation of the dream of life.

-This Paradise within is being performed by duped-believers as a cop out, a back door for passing-the-buck because they are too selfish and greedy (self-centred) to create a living paradise here and now all around them and all across Earth/Nature.

-Nature is your real and ONLY friend – you must stop being self-centred, stop indulging in you, let you/i/me/mine go.

Nature all around is where you really are.
You have to get past all the doubt and uncertainty about your true magnificence.
Don’t be concerned about what you have no control over, particularly about what is not actually really happening in your real life here and now.
We are the ONLY ones that can set thoughts/images/dreams into motion.

-Its important to create dreams and live them (set them into motion) in present-sense without any doubt or uncertainty included in your dream/s otherwise you are creating that (introducing chaos) into your dreams/s too.

-Once you have conquered the trauma, the void of your doubt and uncertainty, you are truly free from “The System” of doubt and uncertainty and are now powerfully using “The System” in a most peaceful loving way that gets you, and others who choose to live this way, out of this man-made hell in this life.

-A MAN lives/creates his/her REAL life.
Don’t let the shit get into your life, into your dreaming.
When we remember who we really are, we are far far far far far far far far far far far far far more powerful than the combined force of Freemasonry throwing whatever rubbish they conjure up at us.

-Clear your head of all the rubbish and, without doubt and uncertainty plaguing you anymore, the options for co-creating your real life of freedom here and now open up the whole of creation at your feet where it has always been.

We are all unique and original so there is not ONE way to freedom as long as we do no harm, or as little harm as we can as we learn to wean the harm-doing from our lives.

The freedom starts with you and how you create that in your unique original life/way and gift it, set it free to inspire others.

We do not “own” anything, never have, never will.

Only doubt and uncertainty makes you believe that you “own” something.

-When we are on the true path, we are taking FULL-RESPONSIBILITY for our life, our dream/s, and from there you bring down the whole of Rome/Babylon instantly because you are no longer of their world. You are still in it but it is now fading away from all-around you but it will come back if you let doubt and uncertainty creep in again.

Get past the trauma (self) and all forms of reaction to trauma (self-centredness).

We are nature but the non-sense in our HEAD stops us being nature.

-What goes into our head from outside and stays there, is there to con us into giving up who we really are. Someone else is trying to take over our life. Think of a robot with a disk – the purpose of the disk is to instruct the robot. Let’s stop being robots

-The only power is living MAN, setting into motion the water of MAN’S every breath, present here and now amongst the living with the presence of life that is present sense consciousness, not confined by time, space and measurement constructs and concepts. Only living MAN, first parties, in and of eternal present-sense consciousness, can move forward here and now.

No third party letters, numbers, words, names, constructs and concepts or any physical, material forms and images thereof, (letters, etc) are present here and now amongst the living MAN creating water with their every breath.

-Unless anyone amongst the living first parties can prove that letters, etc, can exist of their own free will without a first party MAN having to perform for them, as third parties, none of the intentions of the meanings behind every letters, etc, invented and embodied within them and of them as codes, symbols, etymology, phonetics, cryptography, compelling trauma based motions or e-motions, secret or not, initiated or not, (codes, etc) have any power over any living first party MAN.

-Either living MAN is using letters, etc, to communicate the magnificence of MAN’S uncorrupted, pure, sincere consciousness that is always present here and now in present sense and does not require letters etc, to exist and be present amongst the presence of the living, or living MAN is using letters, etc, with the corrupt, impure, insincere intention of performing black magic, hypnotic rituals to compel other men and women to perform usury (USE YOU R Y) because they believe in the power of those black magic, hypnotic rituals over them and allow the effects of the intentions embodied in the letters, etc, to compel them. This is no different to putting a software program on a disk into a robot and giving the robot specific programs, the robot only being able to operate within those directives.

-The reason men and women feel compelled to perform usury, or to force others to perform usury, under the imagined, hypnotic power of letters, etc, is because they have been educated into believing that the letters, etc, have power apart from MAN, and to build a fictional world based on the instructions and explanations of the information contained in the letters, etc, that form the make-believe world that is “The System”. This is why pieces of paper move from desk to desk to desk to desk, being written on, stamped, marked, signed and scribbled on, and why we have a world of administrators, white collars, blue collars and a whole force of armed and unarmed men and women whose job it is to enforce the hypnotic letters, etc, instructions on pieces of paper or electronic, digital data and ensure they are carried out.

-The magnificent MAN that we really are is being sacrificed, day in, day out, to be the life blood of “The System”. This is the life of usury as robots under instruction.

-What makes you go to their world, to their courts, to their governments, when there is nothing there? They don’t exist. We have to get past this. Fighting them is just another form of blood letting as they continue to suck our life force energy. They do not mind us fighting them because they get what they want anyway, whether they “win” or “lose”. We have to get past the trauma of the fear of loss so that we deal with these people from our strength rather than the weakness of our doubt and uncertainty.

-The fact is…… we’ve been lost to the illusion of finding the missing pieces to a shattered reality that never happened to us. The shattered realities were those of the victims of ritual sacrifice giving the impression that we have also been shattered. When we let go of this trauma that superimposes (hoods*) us we no longer feel shattered. *Satanic brotherhoods/sisterhoods.

-The fact is…… we’ve been lost to the illusion of finding the missing pieces to a shattered reality that never happened to us. The shattered realities were those of the victims of ritual sacrifice giving the impression that we have also been shattered. When we let go of this trauma that superimposes (hoods*) us we no longer feel shattered. *Satanic brotherhoods/sisterhoods.

Our true power is when we remember the magnificence of the MAN that we really are because we are of the consciousness of original MAN and, as long as we remember this, MAN will continue to be created eternally from that magnificence no matter what these practising Satanists do. If we lose sight of this, we lose sight of who we really are too, and we have committed spiritual suicide, which is exactly what they want us to do. Now we are lost in the doubt and uncertainty of their shattered reality.

-If our children have fallen, they are already fallen. If our tribes have fallen, they are already fallen. We cannot rescue them from their fallen state. If they have given up their magnificence, they have given it up. We are dealing with free will here, which is sacred.

-What we can do is to set up living examples of how to live as magnificent MAN again, Kindoms/Do No Harm Communities/Tribes, so that they experience us living this way in present-sense and remember who they really are through our living-example so they can rise up to live as magnificent MAN again. This is no longer about races, cultures, creeds, colours, standings, titles, status, etc, it is about magnificent MAN, men and women not ruled and driven by doubt and uncertainty. The faster MAN remembers who MAN really is, the faster those behind “The System” are creating their “own” destruction/spiritual-suicide in this life, unless they too remember who they really are.

-We need to find true courage, true peace, true unconditional love and true forgiveness to do what has to be done, to live as the magnificent MAN that we really are and never sell out. It is only then that we can move forward POWERFULLY and PEACEFULLY.

-Slavery is NOT acceptable under any guise but many are seriously confused about slavery and are ignoring the fact that the whole of “The System” is slavery based relying on brainwashed children to enter “The System” as educated slaves, the cogs in the wheels of “The System” (blue and white collars, labourers, paper pushers, etc, etc) and that they want this to continue so they can continue to receive all the benefits, privileges, services, etc, of “The System”.

The Force Of Nature

The Force Of Nature (1st Draft) will be updated here when completed – Arthur Cristian – Love For Life – 31st July 2019

True freedom comes naturally from the full responsibility we each have to care for Earth because Earth is the life energy we create and direct with intention that expands as our force of nature caring for our families. This is what naturally forms the space of love that is the earthly domain of our full responsibility expanding to care for everything that lives in the sacred domain (home) that we hold (dream for) and which we are fully responsible for.

The natural domain of every MAN (men, women, children) is sacred and every MAN has the inherent legacy (“right”) of true freedom on the land to experience that sacredness. Every MAN is supposed to be gifted land to fully experience the force of nature that is our (MANS) true nature.

Being raised by nature from the womb, with no one inside our heads defining life/reality/anything-to-us, before, during or after, is the weather and the atmospheric conditions (vibes) we experience as that natural environment we hold and live for as our dream of life, our Earth, our home, our shared Earth/Family/Tribe/Community, our sacred Motherland.

We are all of Earth which is (was always meant to be) the undefined living body of MAN’S consciousness expanding the natural life (domain) of the MAN from the womb of eternal life. As far as we can see/sense life and as far as we can dream/experience life, Earth is always there in the eternal here and now because there is nowhere the true nature of MAN’S Earth is NOT.

No matter what is being imagined and no matter what dream is being contemplated on, it is ONLY MAN there and NOTHING ELSE.

Earth IS the real domain of our consciousness and Earth is always present to MAN, and there is nowhere to arrive where we can reach outside the true nature of MAN’S consciousness where we don’t experience the force of our true Nature, our domain, our sacred home.

The whole of creation is the domain of our natural home and every child raised by nature is expanding the domain of their consciousness as it experiences the big picture of the whole of creation and this is the natural and sacred dreaming of our true nature, and for every MAN raised by the force of nature, the life experience is always undefined and magnificent.

This is what it is to be god-like and the desecration of being raised in “The System” from the womb to the grave, is what we have sacrificed of our natural domain without even realising that we are actually doing this. The sacrifice is giving up eternal life (the big picture of our true nature) in/as this life.

This is why the domain of every MAN is sacred and it’s there where descendants, through the force of their true nature, can use their senses (touch, taste, feel, smell, hear, see), no matter where they maybe, to visit the magnificent nature of their ancestors sacred sites to commune with their magnificence, and through stimuli, uniquely experience their intentions, their creations (fruits of labour), their dreams of (MANS) life.

What we each sense of reality, instant by instant, can never be the experience another MAN is experiencing. Even when we are provided with definitions (explanations, suggestions, instructions, education, indoctrination, conditioning, brainwashing, inculcation) from another MAN to communicate the experience we are each having with nature/earth/reality, our communication is still NOT the experience we are each having as we observe together the “same” life-form. Relying on a definition can ONLY have us imagine what another MAN is experiencing and what we imagine will NEVER be the experience another MAN encountered/had.

Raised by the force of nature, all of MAN that ever was and ever will be, their consciousness IS the natural force of nature (sensory life-forms inanimate or not) they are all experiencing and their existence continues as the stimuli of our consciousness (nature) experiencing their consciousness (nature).

Nature IS MANS True Nature.

As nature, everything is in the wholeness of the synergy that is the force of nature but every life form has its domain and each is unique and sacred because it has never been defined. Every blade of grass, every grain of sand, soil particle, drop of water, insect, feather, microbe, tree, leaf, mountain, stream and valley is unique and original and nothing of MAN’S undefined consciousness will ever desecrate the uniqueness or damage or destroy the sacred domain of any life form.

This is the true sacredness of the force of nature that we are never meant to invade any domain and corrupt it. When we invade the domain of another MAN, or another life form no matter how big or minuscule it maybe, we are forcing our will on another MAN or life form and moulding them in our image, our intention.

This is desecrating the domain of every life form and corrupting and distorting the natural purpose behind the force of nature as we create imprints of these intentions that form the distortion, confusion, harm and destruction of our force (creation) of nature becoming the hurricanes in our image/intention, the tsunamis in our image/intention, the floods in our image/intention, the earthquakes and the exploding volcanoes, the extremes of non-temperate climates, the chaos and wars, the violence and all the horror and cruelty of system-life with its greed, selfishness, poverty, malnutrition, ghettos, overpopulation, sickness, disease, homelessness, murder, genocide and pollution, all the result of us intentionally invading and desecrating the natural domain of every life form.

This is the true meaning of the occultists/High-Level-Freemasons crucifixion image; everyone raised in “The System”, the magnificence of their big-picture domain that is the natural consciousness of their true nature has already been crucified when they first appeared in the womb because the inherent, sacred, legacy gifted to every MAN to create a natural (UNDEFINED) domain of life has already been defined (invaded, dominated, conquered, crushed and destroyed) and now they are fully dependent on the artificial domains provided by other men and women to supply them, as their consumers, with what would have been naturally provided for them by the consciousness of their big-picture domains, the god-like soul of their true nature providing food, water and shelter, etc.

La Fuerza De La Naturaleza

La Fuerza De La Naturaleza

Artur y Fiona Cristian

La verdadera libertad viene de forma natural de la completa responsabilidad que cada uno de nosotros tiene de cuidar a la Tierra, porque la Tierra es la energía vital que creamos y dirigimos con una intención que se expande como nuestra fuerza de la naturaleza cuidando a nuestras familias. Esto es lo que de forma natural forma el espacio de amor que es la completa responsabilidad de nuestro dominio terrenal expandiéndose para cuidar de todo lo que vive en el dominio sagrado (hogar) que nosotros sostenemos (soñamos por el) y del que somos completamente responsables.

El dominio natural de cada HOMBRE (hombre, mujer, niño) es sagrado y cada HOMBRE tiene el legado inherente (“derecho”) a verdadera libertad sobre la tierra para poder experimentar esa sacralidad. Se supone que  cada HOMBRE debe  recibir un pedazo de tierra para poder experimentar la fuerza de la naturaleza en su totalidad que es la verdadera naturaleza del HOMBRE.

Ser criado por la naturaleza desde el vientre materno, sin nadie en nuestra cabeza definiéndonos  la vida/realidad/nada, antes, durante y después, es el clima y las condiciones atmosféricas (vibras) que experimentamos como ese ambiente natural que sostenemos y por el que vivimos como nuestro sueño de vida, nuestra TIERRA, nuestro hogar, nuestra Tierra/Familia/Tribu/Comunidad compartida, nuestra Madre tierra sagrada.

Todos somos de la Tierra que es (para lo que fue destinada a ser) el cuerpo vivo sin definir de la conciencia del HOMBRE expandiendo la vida natural (dominio) del HOMBRE desde el vientre de la vida eterna. Mientras podamos ver/percibir la vida y hasta que podamos soñar/experimentar la vida, la Tierra siempre está ahí en el eterno aquí y ahora porque no existe ningún lugar en donde la verdadera naturaleza de la Tierra del HOMBRE NO lo sea.

Sin importar lo que se esté imaginando y sin que importe que sueño este siendo contemplado, UNICAMENTE está el HOMBRE  y NADA MAS.

La Tierra ES el verdadero dominio de nuestra conciencia y la Tierra siempre está presente al HOMBRE, y no hay ningún lugar a donde podamos ir fuera de la verdadera naturaleza de la conciencia del HOMBRE en donde no experimentemos la fuerza de nuestra verdadera Naturaleza, nuestro dominio, nuestro hogar sagrado, la Tierra.

La totalidad de la creación es el dominio natural de nuestro hogar y cada niño criado por la naturaleza está expandiendo el dominio de su conciencia así como también experimenta la imagen completa de toda la creación, y este es el soñar natural y sagrado de nuestra verdadera naturaleza, y para cada HOMBRE criado por la fuerza de la naturaleza, la experiencia de vida siempre va a ser magnifica e indefinida.

Esto  es ser como-dios  y como consecuencia de la profanación de haber sido criados en “El Sistema” desde el vientre hasta la tumba esto es lo que hemos sacrificado de nuestro dominio natural sin ni siquiera habernos dado cuenta de lo que hemos hecho. El sacrificio es haber renunciado a la vida eterna (la imagen completa de nuestra verdadera naturaleza) en/como esta vida.

Es por esto que el dominio de cada HOBRE es sagrado y es ahí donde la descendencia, a través de la fuerza de su verdadera naturaleza puede utilizar sus sentidos (tacto, sabor, sentir, oler, oir, ver), sin que importe en donde puedan estar, para visitar la magnífica naturaleza de los sitios sagrados de sus ancestros para comulgar con su magnificencia, y por medio de los estímulos, experimentar sus intenciones, sus creaciones (frutos de su trabajo), sus sueños de (HOMBRE) vida.

Lo que cada uno de nosotros percibe de la realidad, instante a instante, nunca podrá ser la experiencia que otro HOMBRE este experimentando. Incluso cuando se nos dan definiciones (explicaciones, sugestiones, instrucciones, educación, adoctrinamiento, condicionamiento, lavado de cerebro, inculcación) de otro hombre para comunicarnos la experiencia que cada uno de nosotros está teniendo con la naturaleza/Tierra/realidad; nuestra comunicación sigue SIN ser la experiencia que cada uno de nosotros está teniendo mientras observamos “juntos” la misma forma de vida. Basarse en solamente una definición nos tiene imaginando lo que otro HOMBRE está experimentando, y lo que nosotros imaginamos NUNCA será la experiencia que el otro HOMBRE ha tenido/encontrado.

Criados por la fuerza de la naturaleza, todo lo que el HOMBRE ha sido y siempre será, su conciencia ES la fuerza natural de la naturaleza (formas de vida sensitivas inanimadas o no) que todos están experimentando y su existencia continua como los estímulos de nuestra conciencia (naturaleza) experimentando su conciencia (naturaleza).

La Naturaleza es la Verdadera Naturaleza del HOMBRE.

Como naturaleza, todo está en la plenitud de la sinergia que es la fuerza de la naturaleza, pero cada forma de vida tiene su dominio y cada una es única y sagrada porque nunca ha sido definida. Cada brizna de hierba, cada grano de arena, partícula de tierra, gota de agua, insecto, pluma, microbio, árbol, hoja, montaña, corriente y valle es único y original  y nada de la conciencia indefinida del HOMBRE va a profanar la singularidad o perjudicar el dominio sagrado de ninguna forma de vida.

Esta es la verdadera sacralidad de la fuerza de la naturaleza, que nunca debemos invadir ningún dominio y corromperlo. Cuando invadimos el dominio de otro HOMBRE u otra forma de vida sin que importe lo grande o pequeña que pudiera ser, estamos imponiendo nuestra voluntad sobre otro HOMBRE o forma de vida y moldeándolo a nuestra imagen, nuestra intención.

Esto es profanar el dominio de cada forma de vida y corromper y distorsionar el propósito natural detrás de la fuerza de la naturaleza mientras creamos marcas de estas intenciones que forman la distorsión, confusión, daño y destrucción de nuestra fuerza (creación) natural convirtiéndola en huracanes  a nuestra imagen/intención,  tsunamis a nuestra imagen/intención,  inundaciones a nuestra imagen/intención,  terremotos y las erupciones volcánicas, los climas extremos, el caos y guerras, la violencia y todo el horror y crueldad de la vida-de-sistema con su avaricia, indigencia, asesinato, genocidio, contaminación, todo resultado de nosotros invadiendo intencionadamente y profanando el dominio natural de cada forma de vida.

Este es el verdadero significado de la imagen de la crucifixión de los ocultistas/Masones de Altos Grados, todos  criados en “EL Sistema”, la magnificencia de su sueño de la imagen completa que es la conciencia natural de su verdadera naturaleza ya ha sido crucificada cuando aparecieron por primera vez en el vientre porque el legado inherente y sagrado que se le ha dado a cada HOMBRE para crear un dominio natural (INDEFINIDO) de vida ya ha sido definido (invadido, dominado, conquistado, aplastado y destruido), y ahora son completamente dependientes de los dominios artificiales provistos por otros hombres y mujeres, mientras sus consumidores, con lo que les habría sido proporcionado de forma natural por la conciencia de sus dominios , de su alma divina, de su verdadera naturaleza dando comida, agua y techo, etc…

Dealing With “Spells” And Their “Curses”

Dealing With “Spells” And Their “Curses” by Arthur & Fiona Cristian – Love For Life – 15th February 2011

Tue, 02/15/2011 – 12:36 — Arthur Cristian

Dealing With “Spells” And Their “Curses”
How To Handle Claims On Offer
From Those Of “The System”
Direct The Curses Back Onto The Makers

By Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life

15th February 2011

Note: With a few additions, extracts from two of our recent articles/posts were used to help create this post.

Ruled By Numbers – The Anti Christ (666)
Awakening To Paradise – Part Seven

By Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life

28th January 2011
Link: https://www.docdroid.net/62XU5bu/dealing-with-spells-curses-red-mass-15th-feb-2011-copied-16th-oct-2018.docx#page=75

Those Behind The Numbers – Hiding From The Numbers

Who is responsible for this world of numbers? The masters of the world of numbers are right before us in their positions as the head clergy, the politicians, the judiciary, the ambassadors, etc. Most of them have been to Jesuit colleges and other elite schools of “excellence” where they have been trained in the art of numbers, whether their career is that of a lawyer, a financier or a Bishop.

Behind them are the key figures of “The System” who do not operate in public; they always hide behind cultures, races and creeds and they are the High Priests of numbers, stirring their cauldrons full of spells of numbers.

The spells that they brew, devoid of love and LIFE, are actually curses being sent out into the world. A curse will always return to the maker but those behind “The System” try to deflect the curses of their making so they will not feel and experience the effects of them. They do it by trying to pass them onto animals, hence the ritual of sacrificing animals, but, as LIFE is all there is, the curses cannot disappear and so, through the animal whose body is put into the soil, they end up in Earth which is LIFE which is all of us. Even if the bodies are burnt, the moisture that evaporates and the ashes that are left are absorbed into Earth. Water with the elements of carbon embodied bears all the information of consciousness because the living creator gave LIFE/consciousness to all the thoughts that make up LIFE. Ritual sacrifices of animals and men, women and children are still used to deflect curses, usually secretly but still out in the open in some places – women are still publicly stoned to death in some countries. We feel that many involved in satanic sacrifices do not realise the significance of the rituals they are performing or are caught up in. Just as most Christians, Muslims and Jews don’t see the Satanic rituals within the rituals of their religions, the duped Freemasons don’t see past the brainwashing provided by their superiors. It maybe that most don’t really know unless they get to the highest levels.

Curses are demons, thought forms without LIFE, which means they are without love as LIFE is love and love is LIFE, and they suck the moisture, the consciousness out of LIFE that we are. Moisture is in everything of LIFE, in the air, the clouds, the soil, the mountains and the trees. If that moisture is sucked out by curses, there is no more LIFE. This is what is happening to us; consciousness is being slowly sucked out of us as we become more and more absorbed in the curses that are being thrown at us.

A more modern method of trying to deflect their curses is to deflect them into money, as in current = currency = currentcy. Ever wondered why money causes so much trouble? And why those at the top of the ladder NEVER handle money, i.e. Pope, Cardinal, Archbishop, King, Queen, etc, – they leave that to their minions. We were told that Voodoo witch doctors have many jars on shelves to “catch” their curses when they return. This is also why the Jews have been set up as scapegoats – those at the top are trying to get the curses to go to the Jews, which is why the Jews have been allowed to do so well in banking, politics, entertainment, business, etc. Even the Rothschilds are being used – they are having to handle the cursed money.

[From incogman.netThe Banker’s Manifesto: Then and Now 27th February 2009 by INCOG MAN: “Working towards that Jew World Order: 1) Lord Jacob de Rothschild. 2) His spooky son, Nathaniel. 3) Baron John de Rothschild, who recently said they are working towards global governance. 4) Sir Evelyn de Rothschild. His wife Lynn Forrester is a big mover and shaker in the Democratic party. 5) David Rockefeller, Sephardic Crypto-Jew, who’s son Nick told film director Aaron Russo about 9/11 in advance. 6) Nathan Warburg. His family was not only instrumental in creating the Federal Reserve, etc. they were also behind the rise of Adolf Hitler. 7) Henry Kissinger, Globalist genocidal schemer. 8] George Soros, another Jew schemer and NGO manipulator. 9) Paul Volcker, Crypto-Jew big-time Globalist and economic advisor to Obama. 10) Larry Summers, Crypto-Jew economic advisor to Obama. 11) Lloyd Blankfein, CEO to the rapidly growing Goldman Sachs banking behemoth. 12) Ben Shalom Bernanke, current Jew master of the Federal Reserve (a private entity, neither “Federal” nor a “Reserve”). What’s the common denominator here?

In his book, None Dare Call It Conspiracy, Gary Allen states, “One major reason for the historical blackout on the role of the international bankers in political history is the Rothschilds were Jewish… The Jewish members of the conspiracy have used an organisation called The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) as an instrument to try and convince everyone that any mention of the Rothschilds and their allies is an attack on all Jews. In this way they have stifled almost all honest scholarship on international bankers and made the subject taboo within universities. Any individual or book exploring this subject is immediately attacked by hundreds of ADL communities all over the country. The ADL has never let the truth or logic interfere with its highly professional smear jobs…”

Those who do this are not conscious – they think they can deflect the curses that they send out to maintain their power and control and their descendants power and control but they haven’t learned from the mistakes of their ancestors. They do not realise that their “curses” & “spells” cannot escape LIFE – LIFE is all there is. There is no after-LIFE, only consciousness. Those who have severed their links to LIFE, have fallen to a “state” of unconsciousness, are lost when their physical bodies “die” and can only become thought forms without LIFE, often referred to as demons, phantoms, ghosts and apparitions.

“The System” is all about having power over others but to do this, those behind “The System” have to commit fraud which means that their thoughts are impure, insincere and distorted, hence the curses. Behind “The System” are the old practised ways of alchemy, also used to deal with “spells” and “curses”.

Reap What You Sow

What those behind “The System” don’t realise is that they cannot deflect the curses they send forth permanently. The harm of these curses is building up and building up to the point where Earth is beginning to have a fever, just as the body has a fever to rid itself of toxins, viruses, etc. We have all noticed the “natural disasters” increasing in frequency and strength – this is just the beginning. The big event is now around the corner. When Earth (LIFE) has really had enough, even the underground bunkers will not protect those who have harmed and seek only to harm others. In their numbers their curses will return to them 1000 fold. There is nowhere they can escape from their rebounding curses. The love we give to LIFE bounces of all the celestial bodies of LIFE and back to every LIFE form of LIFE to be felt by all of LIFE. Curses cannot bounce off LIFE as they are not of LIFE, so they can only return to the maker or, at worst, be absorbed into the depths of Earth until Earth cannot absorb any more.

Across all recorded HIS-STORY, the brainwashed people have been conned to believe that they are on a journey heading from somewhere to somewhere and that everyone is just a tiny aspect of a universe at the effects of greater forces than them. This is the basis of all duality which is a lie – duality does not exist. We just pretend it does because we have been told it does, and we have been told it does because this is how those behind “The System” maintain their power over our brains. For more on this, see our latest articles located here: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/3385

The myths of heaven and hell, the Galactic Federation and the after-LIFE are another attempt by those behind “The System” to burn off the curses by getting us to lose our connection to LIFE and take the curses with us when we become bodiless thought forms.

Those behind “The System” have kept a record of their His-story. They know that their civilisations are apocalyptic by design, that their frauds cannot survive and must eventually collapse so they are always preparing for change, for the collapse of the old system and the ushering in of the new. Hence the image of the phoenix rising and burning, the symbol of the collapse of the old world of curses and the rebirth of the new.

The “Good Guys” of “The System” who come out with remedies to the harm of “The System” are there to counteract the distortion of the harm doing of the “Bad Guys”, to keep the power going, to play “The System” game as long as possible before its inevitable collapse. They are the inbuilt damage control, gaining a little more time before the end of the game, bridging the old world to the new. Again, most involved probably do not know what they are really part of or the significance of the training they put into practise.

Mirror Of LOVE

Our way out of “The System” and the way to stand up to those of “The System”, is to no longer accept their curses and to put up shields and mirrors that bounce the curses back to their makers. If they choose to send out their curses, the impure and insincere thoughts, feelings and actions that cause harm to men, women and children, that is their choice but we do not have to accept them. Their curses, which are in the claims they make on and about us, are the one thing that terrify them. We get caught when we also make claims and battle over whether the claims they make are true or false. Our intention is to redirect their curses back to them and all involved in their world so that we do not have to suffer under them. See the letter below, written to John Ovenstone of the SDRO, where we talk about the curses, giving no way out but to act with purity and sincerity, taking full responsibility for actions. It was written in a rush, on spur-of-the-moment inspiration, but we feel this is the way to go.

Anyone who has impure and insincere thoughts, feelings and actions about us or towards us and our children, past, present or future, whether they are of “The System” or not, be they conscious or not, will instantly receive the curses of their making back to them because we will not accept them. We wish no harm to anyone but will not accept harm in any form, sound or act sent to us. It is only gifts of LIFE, all the virtues of LOVE, that are free from curses, and the thoughts, feelings and actions of those who are pure and sincere.

The point of this is to get the makers of the curses to suck back their curses so that they are no longer doing harm and they are either burnt up by their own curses, even swallowed up as part of Earth’s fever, or they stop the harm and start creating acts of love to co-create LIFE with LIFE. While the cursed are amongst us, they will continue to curse until we take on the responsibility to stop them doing it and this is a non violent way of getting them to take FULL responsibility for the harm they are causing. This is not about doing harm to anyone; it is about getting those doing the harm to take FULL responsibility for it. This is also how we free the land without the need for commerce. When we no longer accept the claims and offers of “The System” we withdraw from “The System” and go back to nature. Don’t think this doesn’t work – they pound us with twenty years of “education”, constant advertising mantras, religious dogma, politics, fear, fear, fear, war, war, war, chaos, chaos, chaos, lies, lies, lies, fraud, fraud, fraud, etc, because they know that what we think is what we create. If we put our LIFE-energy into this, we will create it. We feel this was the action taken by the Great Man and our ancestors of long ago, inspiring the people to cause the collapse of Rome by getting the senators and their wives to flee, the centurions to flee, the soldiers to flee, the administrators to flee and the white collars to flee.

The letter below is an example of how the mirror of love can be applied.

This is not something to be taken lightly but the more we do this, working together, the sooner we get rid of this ancient problem once and for all.

All Curses Are Demons

The Mirror Of Love Incinerates ALL Demons

We encourage everyone to use the mirror of love when dealing with claims (all belief, faith & associated opinion) offered by clergy, aristocracy, royalty, police, military, law enforcers, lawyers, barristers, judges, magistrates, politicians, government agents, employees, contractors, public servants, bureaucrats, experts, educators, scientists, Freemasons/Satanists, fines, penalties, mortgages, debts, invoices, statements, registrations, tolls, titles, certificates, etc, etc.

The key is in being clear and certain of your INTENT. Together, we make the mirror all pervasive, giving no way out but the way of love. There must be no back door, no afterthoughts nor regrets or doubts. You do not want the curses staying with you. “The System” is ONLY a system of curses designed by those who want all the power and control over others and are determined to maintain their higher standing, but do not want to take responsibility for their curses. So they get us to make the claims on their curses of money, commerce, belief, faith and all associated opinions, so that we accept the curses instead of bouncing them back to their makers.

All the harm in “The System” is being done by those who have accepted the curses, the cursed, and are acting them out, slaves to the curses. It is the slaves who have taken on the responsibility of processing the curses. The burning in the images here is the destruction of consciousness by all the lies, fraud, deception and harm. When the curses are not accepted and bounce back to their maker, they also bounce back at everyone else connected to “The System” because all those behind “The System” are connected in maintaining and perpetuating the fraud and the harm of “The System”, as well as affecting their families and loved ones, who are usually past players of “The System” or being groomed to take over the power positions of “The System”. They themselves are putting the curses onto their descendants because, if the curses do not come back directly to them, they will come back to those that come after. They do not see that nobody wins because they are becoming lost to LIFE and, once lost, can never be LIFE again. This is hell, where the cursed are.

Does this sound harsh? Does it sound like the sort of thing they would do? Well, we are not creating any curses, just refusing to accept the curses they send to us. There is a way out; all they have to do is to stop sending out the curses, stop the harm, the lying, the fraud, the belief in higher standings and power over others and to start thinking and feeling pure and sincere thoughts and feelings and creating gifts of LIFE. Then no harm will be done to them. The remedy, as always, is LOVE, co-creating Kindoms, Do No Harm Communities where we all serve each other and nature with our Gifts of LIFE, created for the benefit of ALL of LIFE, with no one making claims over anybody and with everything being done with pure and sincere intention. Kindom is all about withdrawing our support to any form of harm doing.

For an example of how to spot the fraud of “The System”, which are the curses of harm doing, see this Facebook discussion: Turning Away From “The System” – Unravelling The Lies – 25th January to 2nd February 2011 http://loveforlife.com.au/content/11/01/30/who-are-we-what-are-we-part-a… – The truth wipes out ALL belief, faith and associated opinions, showing them up as the false flags (curses) they are. This discussion started over the word “ecclesiastical” but also applies to all arguments based on belief, faith and associated opinions, including all religion, law, politics, new age, philosophy, etc.

There is not ONE construct (CON-struct) of “The System” that can be backed up by those who worship it because ALL constructs of “The System” exist nowhere but as fantasy, illusion and delusion between the ears – they are ideas without LIFE, DEMONS, that we must support and maintain, enslaving our lives in the process. They are FRAUDULENT and, if we are to escape “The System”, we must be vigilant in routing out all the fraud. It is vital that we all scrutinise thoroughly ALL the information we come across rather than just accepting that which fits our belief system. We always go where the truth takes us and this is what we ALL have to do if we are pure and sincere in our intent to co-create a world of peace, freedom, abundance, joy and Do No Harm for all.

In “The System” world of the cursed that is commerce there are no winners because those who think they are winners are cursed and their families and descendants are cursed. The impact they leave in terms of harm is phenomenal because they won’t take responsibility for any of it. The cursed do not know how to take responsibility for the harm they cause because, if they did, they would stop the harm and, therefore, stop the curses. Hardly any one across Earth is not cursed because nearly all of us are caught up in the current of curses that is commerce. Most of those reacting to the harm and seeking remedy to the harm are still cursed because they are following the beliefs and faiths of “The System” that are curses. They are looking to curses to find a remedy to the curses. It is easy to see if you are cursed or not; look at your life – the harm that we do to nature and the endless destruction to LIFE, shows us clearly that we are very far from living lives of Do No Harm and are cursed. The only way to shake off the curses is to stop doing harm. If our generation does not shake off the curses then our children are burdened with the curses we pass on to them.

Articles we have written since the 1st September 2010, all links provided here: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/3385, explore the topics discussed in this article in great detail.

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life

Luchar con su ley


Hemos dejado de estar interesados de luchar contra ellos con la ley – es su ley y ellos cambian las reglas cuando quieren.

Para nosotros, es mucho más efectivo alejarse de ellos y de su ley y crear nuevas vidas sin ellos ni sus influencias malévolas – lo llamamos Dominio Familiar (Kindom).

Cuando peleamos contra ellos,  estamos dirigiendo toda nuestra energía vital dentro de su mundo el cual ellos controlan porque, como se dice arriba, es su ley y es su mundo sobre el que reinan. Estamos alimentando su mundo, que es lo que ellos quieren porque alimenta su avaricia y egoísmo y su poder y control de sueños de subyugación, y  deja a todos agotados de su energía vital y les queda muy poco que ofrecer a la imagen completa en donde todos se benefician.

Ninguna batalla ha sido ganada contra ellos en la ley cuando los fundamentos de la estructura de poder de su mundo han sido amenazados

O sea que no se trata de hablar diferentes idiomas, sino es más ir en direcciones diferentes. Tu quieres pelear contra ellos en su ley – no estamos interesados en esto, aunque hemos compartido nuestras observaciones sobre lo que haríamos si estuviéramos en tus zapatos, bajo tus circunstancias, para pelear contra ellos en su mundo.

Para nosotros sería un gran movimiento que X y nosotros nos planteáramos hacer un traslado permanente a un lugar en donde asentarnos y crear un Dominio Familiar con otros que compartan nuestro sueño. Todavía no has entendido el sueño, sin faltar al respeto.

La certidumbre que estamos buscando esta en el aire que respiramos, el sol que brilla y en la abundancia de la naturaleza y que ningún HOMBRE busque hacer daño a otro HOMBRE.

La gente puede cambiar pero, si están trabajando con el buen corazón, nunca buscaran hacer daño llevando a la gente a todos los problemas de desplazamiento de la tierra a los que estamos enfrentando en “El Sistema”.

La agenda de la subyugación está detrás del desplazamiento del HOMBRE de la tierra porque TODO lo que tiene que ver con “El Sistema” es lo que administra y mantiene ese desplazamiento burocrático en donde el HOMBRE ha sido convertido en un esclavo educado para servir a las regulaciones, reglas, rituales, procedimientos, condiciones y contratos para poder cumplir con las obligaciones que nos exigen los amos de los esclavos o atenerte a las consecuencias de no hacerlo.

El desplazamiento es donde todo lo que tiene que ver con la comida, agua y cobijo ha sido comprometido, incluyendo a la familia y la comunidad, y la verdadera libertad le ha sido arrebatada a todos, con la comida, el agua y un techo, para que así pueda ser regulado por el infierno de la burocracia la cual no tiene ninguna relevancia con la libertad, verdad, paz, gozo, abundancia, salud, etc.

A partir de esta manipulación, la calidad de la vida ha sido diezmada para todos mientras la ingeniería artificial del mundo comercial esta  enfocada en malversar los frutos del trabajo de casi todos para que la escasez y la mediocridad florezcan y la evolución de la ingeniería social dicte el cómo pensamos, sentimos y actuamos viviendo entre la desvaneciente calidad de vida, incluyendo la libertad, para mantener el estatus quo para todos.

Si puedes darte cuenta de la imagen completa de los HOMBRES libres sobre la tierra sin que tengan que rendirle cuentas a nadie, a menos que hayan hecho daño, entonces podrás ver que son completamente responsables  de sus vidas siempre, y es aquí cuando han dejado de estar bajo la obligación de tener que levantarse siempre a determinada hora que marca el reloj y han dejado de servir a todas las obligaciones del sistema, significa que ahora ellos podrán contemplar sus vidas y la imagen completa y traer de regreso la magnificencia a sus vidas y a las de los que los rodean.

Las tribus y comunidades que vivan de esta manera ya están trabajando unidos por el bien mayor de la imagen completa y, ya sea que hayan creado inmensos bosques de comida* que proveen toda la comida para la temporada y lo necesario para estar sano para que ya no tengan que ser jardineros o agricultores, o que prefieran cultivar comida en abundancia y compartirla sin ningún tipo de trueque o intercambio. Esta falta de egoísmo se deshace de todo tipo de burocracia de terceras personas, lacayos y representantes del Cesar acaparando la mayor parte de los frutos de su labor, porque han sido desplazados de su tierra y obligados a vivir bajo la Pax Romanus de la escases y la mediocridad como súbditos del Cesar, por decirlo de alguna forma. La comida, agua, cobijo, familia y la comunidad han sido severamente alteradas y el efecto desvaneciente  (de la realidad) está girando sin control.

Cuando arreglamos el problema de la libertad del HOMBRE sobre la tierra, también arreglamos todos los demás problemas, dramas y barullos del sistema. Luchar contra la ley no soluciona este asunto de la imagen completa; solamente perpetua los pequeños detalles de “El Sistema” de escases y mediocridad. No vemos el cómo los detalles de tu lucha estén haciendo algo para solucionar el problema de la libertad sobre la tierra, la imagen completa, la cual compartimos contigo por telefono, cuando nos llamaste.

La mayoría de nosotros dentro de “El Sistema” no tenemos tiempo para soñar la imagen completa y cada aspecto de nuestras vidas es afectado por la escases de tiempo al estar constantemente distraídos por todas las obligaciones y entretenimientos (distracciones) de “El Sistema”  para que podamos ser forzados a aceptar vidas mediocres con químicos y venenos en cada esquina, a aceptar opciones de bebidas y comida severamente procesada y toxica, protésica para nuestra lamentable salud, casas de retiro para nuestros ancianos moribundos y niñeras para nuestros hijos, mientras los que guardan la sabiduría en nuestras comunidades son evitados e ignorados para que estos vayan desapareciendo y ningún legado sobre la continuidad está ahí para pasar a las generaciones venideras.

¿Verdaderamente estamos aprendiendo de los errores de las generaciones anteriores o estamos degenerando más?

Hemos sido tan profundamente encantados por las baratijas de “El Sistema” que nos hemos perdido en los pequeños detalles en donde ya no está la imagen completa del bien mayor para todos  y nos hemos vuelto tan auto-absorbidos en nuestras burbujas del e-go, “¿Qué hay para mí?” Yo, mi, mío, nuestra propia auto-obsesión que es la raíz de toda nuestra mediocridad y escases.

Y nos convertimos en caballos mirando sobre la verja hacia pastos mas verdes deseando esto y aquello, comparando nuestras vidas con las vidas de otros, y nos hemos perdido tanto en los valores artificiales de “El Sistema” que los pequeños detalles absorben casi cada momento de vigilia de las vidas de todos durante toda la vida.

Nosotros soñamos y dejamos nuestras vidas abiertas para los que ven el buen corazón indefinido como la influencia dominante en todo lo que hacemos para que, a pesar de nuestras diferencias, no socavamos a ningún HOMBRE que es lo que se hace cuando existen exclusividades y privilegios por la tierra, la comida, el agua y el techo y, la inmensa corrupción que viene con ello a lo largo del el tiempo.

La certidumbre de la verdadera libertad con una terreno, comida, agua, cobijo, familia y comunidad viviendo a nivel local es el mayor regalo que podemos tener y que se nos ha dado libremente como la única herencia verdadera de la naturaleza de nuestros antepasados, y es el motivo de que tengamos aire para respirar y de que el sol siempre brille, pero este regalo natural nos ha sido arrebatado y la tierra, comida, agua y cobijo ahora están fuera de nuestro alcance a menos que nos inclinemos ante los que dirigen “El Sistema”.

Nos damos cuenta que nuestro esfuerzo tiene que estar puesto en cosas que van a crear el verdadero legado de libertad, paz, alegría y abundancia para las generaciones venideras y, para nosotros, pelear dentro de la ley nunca va a lograr esto. Muchos hombres y mujeres han estado luchando en su contra dentro de su ley durante años y años y años y años y todavía seguimos subyugados por su ley.

Nosotros entendemos que quieres poner las cosas en orden porque has sido atacado y pasado por encima PERO, ¿qué es lo que tu lucha va a lograr para las generaciones venideras? La clave es la consistencia en la continuidad de la libertad, paz, gozo, y abundancia, lo que significa que hemos cambiado nuestra forma de pensar, sentir y actuar para que el garante de esa continuidad nunca sea secuestrado, comprometido y corrompido de nuevo.

Esta es la IMAGEN COMPLETA de NO HACER DAÑO para que no seamos atrapados por nada que tenga que ver con hacer daño otra vez.

Todos tenemos que sobrepasar los pequeños detalles en donde opera la auto-obsesión del e-go (el Diablo) y mantenerse enfocado en la imagen completa para que no nos atasquemos en los pequeños detalles y perdamos de vista el enorme impacto que tiene en los demás, particularmente en las generaciones futuras.

De lo único de lo que trata “El Sistema” es de estar atrapado en los pequeños detalles para que la imagen más amplia sea olvidada y simplemente demasiado difícil de lidiar con ella.

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Scott Andrews escribió

“El amor es fácil, pero no puede prosperar en el campo de batalla. El bajar las armas y la armadura que todos blandimos para protegernos de este mundo peligroso,  y en su lugar abrirse y ser vulnerable, va en contra del ego combativo, pero es la única cosa que jamás deja un espacio en donde existir, para lo que viene fácil, para estar.”

*Crear Bosques de comida es restaurar la tierra hasta que vuelva a ser un ecosistema autosustentable en donde ya no sea necesario estar cuidándolo constantemente, y que brinde la comida necesaria para la subsistencia de sus moradores.